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It will be difficult to young generation of the musicians probably to understand my delight from MIDI, as tools of creation and record of music. Years 20 ago it was necessary in home conditions to make records of music by a method of overlay on tape recorders. What it was difficulty! Especially when you to itself all orchestra, and each tool is overwritten other... then it was possible only to dream about studio multichannel tape recorder. And still sometimes something good quitted. To indescribable pleasure. Yamaha PSR-220
      It is possible, that who through it has not passed, that will not understand charm MIDI. For this purpose it is not necessary of any musical tools! Knowing a musical notation in the MIDI-editor it is possible "to type" music from the large number of tools, any of which can be replaced. On other by simplis click of the Mouse! Unless it is not good?
      All conscious life I take by music. Began all from musical school (class piano). Then Rock-group at school, unprofessional Rock-group. It is simplis home playing.
      So was received, that my two daggings - electronics engineering and music were perfectly combined. 15 years ago I constructed and made an electroorgan, which until now perfectly works.
      To compose music and to write songs I beginnings at school. Made even record on the cassette in 1977, which infortunately was lost.
      As soon at home has appeared the computer with sound-card, interest to midi naturally has appeared. Now I know about it much enough. Here it was then, 20 years back! Now mastering CakeWalk 9.0 I make record a midi-music.

My Compositions
Bossanova 1 - is written under an impression of auto-accompaniment Yamaha PortaTone PSR-220. 02:51
Bossanova 2 - it is yet not final variant. 03:26
New Year's mood - record of the "alive" play without editing. 00:31
Y2K - well, here and second edition. 05:58
Grievance - made during the one evening. 02:15
Engagement - for lovely lady ... 04:07
Opus 1 - a little piece play for piano. 03:05
Lullaby - the second version. 03:28
Opus 2 - the next version. 03:20
Autumn melody - it is yet not final variant. 03:39
Opus 3 - one of my compositions in 1985. 03:21
Evening Kherson - the second version. 03:31
New Year song - the first version. 05:54
Opus 4 - the first version. 04:51
Opus 5 - the first version. 03:42
My Arrangements
The Gold Bug - from album "The turn of a friendly card"-1980 (The Alan Parsons Project). 04:32
Ivengo - from movie "Secret of yacht Ivengo". 03:14
Far away from home - from album "Freudiana"-1990 (The Alan Parsons Project). 02:56
Pieces for piano
Butterflyes in the snow - R. Pauls (elegy). 01:23
Melody - R. Pauls (from movie "Theatre"). 01:57
Melody - R. Pauls (from movie "Far away in dune"). 02:04
Lacrimosa - W. A. Mozart ( "Requiem"). 03:38

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